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Smash your goals, get more done and make more money...
even if you are the queen of procrastination,
hold a Master’s Degree in Facebook scrolling
& have a toddler Velcro'd to your leg

Still have time to spend with your family
So that
You can build a Lego Death Star and make unicorn cupcakes
Having to sell a kidney or hire Mary Poppins

  • Are you a mom, wanting to carve out your own bit of sanity saving work but feel it's impossible when you constantly feeling like a zombie and fuelled by caffeine?
  • Are you yearning to have your own income again so that you can regain that feeling of being an intelligent, independent woman and not "just a mom" ferrying the kids around, scraping dinner off the floor and tackling the never ending pile of laundry?
  • Do you feel that if you don't start something soon and channel that passion that you have that you are going to slip into a Wiggles induced coma, only to wake up in 10 years time with a stroppy teenager and more wrinkles than ET?

I felt like that too!

I didn't want to waste all those years of education and all the knowledge I had accumulated by being 'just a mom' (There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a mom, but for some of us it doesn't define us and it doesn't fulfil us, we need more).

And I hated to rely purely on my husbands income, from being totally financially independent since I was a teen, not earning my own money took away my independence, it sucked.

But I live in Japan, childcare is non existent and I didn't have a rich uncle to tap for start up costs for my own business.

So, I did what I do best, figured out how to make it work on minimal costs, bootstrapped until I could afford to not to (but to be honest, many of those boot-strapping techniques work as well as the paid versions, so I stick with them). And I built my business from the ground up starting with my final months salary from my previous J-O-B.

It took me a long time, time to figure out what worked and what didn't, time to find the right apps and software to do the job in hand, time to wade through a deluge of crap tutorials and courses that are filled with fluff and very little practical help.

Now that I'm in the situation where I can help you, I wanted to build the thing that I didn't have, so that you don't need to dredge the internet and waste hours upon hours of precious time.

That is why I built...

The Kaizen Revolution is not open for registration at the moment so make sure to pop your name and email address in the form so that I can let you know when the door open (before the general public so that you have the chance to get one of the limited seats) and other cool bonuses!

  • Masterclasses bought to you by experts in their field, delivered every month on topics that you need to build a profitable business so that you don't need to enrol in expensive courses or dredge the internet to find the information you need
  • A printable action pack to go with every masterclass so that you can sit down, and with a guided plan, bang out the action steps that you need to implement what you have learned.
  • Kaizen Hacks - bite sized hacks that you can apply to everyday life so that you use your time more wisely and get more done.
  • How To Tutorials so that you don't need to sit through hundreds of out-dated or badly made YouTube videos to figure out how to make something work.
  • Resources rolodex with EVERYTHING I use (or have used) to run my business so that you know what you are getting into before signing up or opening your wallet


The Overwhelm Emergency Pack - which will get you from overwhelm and that feeling of drowning to back on your feet and up and running


The Kaizen Revolution Tribe - a private Facebook community of amazing women, helping each other to success.

Did you know that 92% of people who set a goal don’t reach them? That means that if you are an entrepreneur the chances are high that you’re failing to meet goals. This will inevitably set you back and leave you discouraged and frustrated.


You don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day to make resolutions and set goals, you can start today, right now. Using the Kaizen philosophy of constant improvement, starting today will mean that in one week’s time you will have already progressed from where you are right now. You can be one of the 8% of goal achievers. Sounds like a plan, right?

  • Last year my clients had a 92% success rate, smashing the goals that they had set when they first started working with me.
  • I abhor time wasting and messing around. I deliberately test different methods and systems to find the more time efficient way of doing something.
  • I read productivity and time hack books and blogs for fun!
  • The methods I teach are the ones I used to launch my own business, author a bestselling book, find work overseas, land a magazine contributor spot for a national magazine and much more.
  • I have clients who have tripled their income, been interviewed on National TV and radio, landed a spot as a regular contributor for the BBC, invited to show their artwork in various shows, and launched their own businesses within a few months of working with me.

What Is This Secret Sauce?

OK, I work with moms, I've been there, and I know having some internet guru dude telling you to hire a babysitter, get up 2 hours earlier and hustle 16 hours a day just isn't going to cut it. DUDE, I'm a MOM!

So what I do is... take a dollop of Kaizen philosophy (aiming for a small improvement everyday) and a dash of Montessori (so the kids are under control), throw in a scoop of MacGyver genius (making things work within your means) and a generous pinch of common sense.

Then we mix it up into a special blend that fits YOUR unique situation.

  • Crafting your goals to fit your situation works even if you are just starting out with a tiny budget
  • Focusing on the important things will move you forward quickly even if you have very little free time due to kids underfoot
  • Starting a business with your family situation in mind, so you can work around the family commitments, it works even if your kids have after school classes, soccer at the weekend and dentist appointments.
  • Setting up a side hustle so that you are financial independent again is totally doable even if your husband/partner is not on board with the idea (yet!)
  • Putting your brain into action and making use of all the knowledge you have acquired over the years. That knowledge, know-how and skill are monetisable even if you decide to change career path

Ready To Access Everything Right Now?

For just $20 a month you get full access to everything, right from the get go. In a quick 3 minutes time you can be digging into the content.


If you need more help, you can level up and join the In With A Boom members with daily checks for accountability, quarterly goal setting and twice a month goal reviews you will stay on track, stop spinning wheels and instead be moving onwards and upwards!

I will be opening the doors soon.

If you want to be one of the first to get your place and get to hear about all the free bonuses along the way, make sure you are on the list so that you don't miss the opportunity.

  • Optimize

    Your work time and your implementation time. By getting what you need in fast and easy, bite-sized, kaizen proofed steps so that you can make it happen.

  • Kaizen

    Apply the Kaizen methodology and start seeing results right away.  We work on making everything manageable so that you never get stuck in procrastination paralysis.

  • Enjoy

    Get the mix right for your business or side hustle and it’ll be fun! It’s not just something there to make you money, it’s there to be an enjoyable part of your life.

For the cost of a weekly Iced Caramel Macchiato you have access to a treasure trove of business information. 


You don't need to buy a new program on each specific topic out there


You don't need to lose days on YouTube trying to find just the right tutorial


You don't need to figure out where to start every time, you get the step by step action packs created for you


Imagine If...

Imagine if... every week you smashed your goals and what that would look like after a month, a year! Imagine how much further along you would be in your business, the progress you would have made and all the amazing knock-on effects that would come with your success.


Imagine if... that huge, humongous, scary goal that makes you feel sick just thinking about it, was knocked out of the ball park, because you took tiny, easy, but calculated steps on a consistent basis.


Imagine if... you got up each morning knowing exactly what you need to do and how to get it done. No stress, no hours of falling down the Google rabbit hole, and no procrastination paralysis because you are in control with a clear path to your destination. Instead using your limited time in an efficient way and getting more done.


 What would your life look like then?




  • More MONEY so that you can buy the things you love and release the financial stress. Holidays, experiences, good food, savings for the future, massages and self care...
  • More TIME so that you can enjoy your family, friends and have time for you! Quality time which allows you to connect at a deeper level and have time to create those family experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.
  • More INDEPENDENCE which has a knock on effect of giving you more confidence and self esteem. But not just for you, your kids will see that strong, amazing mama and will carry that with them.

Your Questions, Answered

Do I get access to everything as soon as I join? +

Yes, you get everything that has already been released and then each month a new Masterclass, Hacks and How To's are added to the member’s portal.

Do I need to pay each month? +

Yes, this is a monthly membership site, you will pay the same amount every month on the same date and it is all done automatically through PayPal.

Can I quit at any time? +

Of course, I’m not going to hunt you down and make you stay against your will. Of course I will be sad to see you go, but you are welcome to re-join when you realise how much you miss us.

Will my payments go up? +

No, whatever you pay when you first sign up, that will be the rate you will stick at. Unless you quit and re-join at a later date, then if the rates have been raised in the meantime, then you will need to join at the new rate.

Can I pay annually? +

Not at the moment, I may introduce this in the future.

Can I get A refund? +

Yes, I have a 30 day, no questions asked refund policy if you decide the Kaizen Revolution isn’t for you.

Do I need to have a business to join? +

No, if you have an idea or are just getting started, then we have resources to help you with that.

Do I have to be a mom? +

Nope, I’m not going to come round to your house to see if you can walk the length of the hallway whilst stepping on Lego blocks without waking a sleeping babe in arms, or to check if you have washed your hair in the last 2 weeks and managed to drink a cup of coffee whilst it was still hot.
But moms are my main clients so do expect some mom talk, rants about velcro toddlers and school holidays.
You are welcome to join sans kids!

What if what I need isn't inside? +

Simple! Fill in the request form in the membership portal and I will do my best to make it happen.

If I don't know how myself, I will know someone who does know how and if I don't know someone personally, I have an amazing network of people to draw from.

What's Inside?

Each month you get a new masterclass held by myself and/or with an expert in the subject matter so that you are getting all the information you need to implement in the shortest amount of time.
Included with each masterclass is an action book which breaks the steps down into kaizen style bite-sized chunks, making it super easy for you to take action and get things rolling.

So You Want To Write A Book
Kris Emery

Discover Your
Ideal Client

Jo Ebisujima

List Building Giveaways
Di Coke

Social Media
Jo Ebisujima

This section alone is worth it's weight in gold. This is the jewel of the kaizen method and if you learn to use it properly you will become a productivity ninja, and that's not just some fancy copy talking!

For those who sign up for the In With A Boom level, this will be the foundation of your process, couple this with daily accountability and your 14 day goals check in and you will be unstoppable.
I know this to be true because I have had numerous clients use it and fly!

You will also get new hacks each month. These are 3 minute or less hacks that you can apply to work and home that will make your life easier and save you time. These are tried and tested and only included if they pass the 'hell yeah' test.
*hell yeah test is the reaction from clients when they start applying the hack!

Teach tutorials showing you how to make the most of the technology available to us.
All using free software and apps, I'm all for using free if the quality is equal to paid products and there are a lot of products out there fit the bill, it's just a matter of knowing where to look!
I'll save you the time sucking job so you can just dig in and get the task done.

This is where I bare all and share everything that I use to run my business and the things I used when I was starting out.

My rolodex (please tell me you know what that is, and don't age-shame me!) of everything and everyone I rely on to keep my business tight and running smoothly.


We all suffer from overwhelm from time to time but the difference with successful people is that they know what to do when that feeling of drowning in the to-do list attacks.
The overwhelm emergency kit will give you clear steps on how to to pinpoint the problems AND what to do about it. Never let that drowning feeling stop you from moving forward again.

Since starting my internet journey back in 2005, I discovered the importance of finding a tribe which resonates with your needs. I deeply believe that women have the ability to change the world and that women building each other up, working together, masterminding, helping each other and collaborating on projects are in fact UNSTOPPABLE.
I run tight knit groups where members can feel safe and are able to share the ups and downs. The Kaizen Revolution is no different, a private tribe for amazing, strong and powerful women.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on social media (If I'm on the platform, you'll find me as jojoebi) or email me and let me know how I can help!

Make sure you are on the list so that you don't miss out!

“Work on Purpose -
Play on Purpose -
Rest on Purpose -

Do not let yourself or anyone else waste your time.”
― Izey Victoria Odiase