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Are you a unicorn loving gal or more a floral type?

Why you need to use a meal planner:


  • Get the "What's for dinner?" noise out of your head so that you can concentrate on more important things
  • Planning ahead makes your life easier and you make healthier options for you and the family
  • Plan with the family to cut down on whining and tantrums, everyone gets a say!

I'm Jo Ebisujima AKA jojoebi.

I have a bit of a reputation… They say, I’m the one that gets sh*t done.


Over the years I have helped hundreds of moms get it together, release the 'mommy guilt' and finally start doing what they love, whether that be writing for a national newspaper or setting up their own English school.

I have written and contributed to best selling books,  had regular columns in national press, set up my own company and done it all in a country where I don't speak the lingo and have zero childcare.

I believe that women should help each other and build each other up which is why I'm sharing my all time favourite productivity hack - the meal planner!

Don't wait for the straw to break the camels back,
get started with your planning today...