The Kaizen Revolution

You have found the place where you can be yourself, stretch yourself, declare your goals and then smash them.


Using the Kaizen philosophy we break huge mountain sized goals into manageable, doable, itsy-bitsy, baby sized steps. Then we crush each one until we reach our destination!

What Is Kaizen?




noun: kaizen

a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.

My take on the Kaizen philosophy is that we can apply it to anything in life, if we make one small improvement a day, we are still winning.

Applying Kaizen with Goal Setting is an incredible combination and once you get the hang of using the Kaizen Revolution 3 Step Formula, you my friend, will be unstoppable.

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Who Is jojoebi and why should you care?

If MacGyver and Martha Stewart were to have a love child…
That’d be me!


I’m on a mission to help you create more time for your biz, your family and yourself, so you can be doing more of what you love. Whether that be hanging out with friends and family or working on your biz. Life shouldn’t be all about picking up dirty socks, treading on Lego blocks and tackling the laundry pile – again.

I understand how difficult it is to squeeze everything in, and I have an uncanny knack for showing you how to break things down into do-able bite-sized chunks. With my no-BS attitude, I will guide you on how to do away with the endless to-do list and instead how to use a Hit List where you will get things done and feel accomplished at the end of each day.

Instead of trying to attempt the whole work/life balance horse poop idea, we will laugh in their faces as we take the ebbs and flows of work and life and enjoy where we are at each given moment.

I started my first online venture back in 2005 and as a multipotentialite, I tend to learn hard and fast and love nothing more than diving in deep to a new topic, resource or the latest bit of software.

My brain is exploding with information that can help you get started with your business or to take it to the next level. The Kaizen Revolution is where I extract all that good stuff to share with you.

Since the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011 my business model has been desk free and online. I believe in multiple income streams, all your eggs in one basket is never a smart move! Do something that you are passionate about. It doesn’t feel like work if you are doing something you love.

Me? I love that I can combine my passion for productivity, tech, design, Montessori education and the freedom to travel all in my business. I can still be the introvert nerd but network and make connections with amazing women all over the world. With clients from Transylvania to Toronto, and New Zealand to New York I’m like a chocoholic swimming in an Olympic sized pool of Nutella.

7 Random Facts About Me:

1. I love cheese and hate fish. I think I chose the wrong country to live in, Japan does fish well but are clueless about cheese!

2. I love books, both reading and writing them. I dream of one day owning a house with a big circular library.

3. Yes, my hair is pink – although the shade varies. At the time of writing I’m sporting flamingo pink.

4. I got married in Cambodia with 5 priests, 9 nuns, a troop of Apsara dancers and an elephant.

5. I was a contributor to a top UK magazine, written for HuffPo, had patterns published in books, have an Amazon #1 best seller and have been on Japanese TV.

6. Although I’m a punk at heart, I have no piercings and no tats. Rebelling against the rebels!

7. Although I have lived abroad all but 2 years since graduating university, my language skills suck. I can ask for beer, the toilet and the train station in several languages and this has always served me well.


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Our Tribe

We are a community of amazing women who want to do more, be more.

Whether you are just starting out or you have been working on your biz for a while, we know that having the support and help of likeminded people is essential for success.

It is oh-so easy to become overwhelmed and end up stuck in a quicksand quagmire like the main character of a b-rated 70’s movie. Which is why using the kaizen framework will keep you become unstuck and moving forward.

And if you try to celebrate your latest win with your partner who looks at you as if you have just grown a second head, then you have found your tribe here. We will help you celebrate ALL of the wins whether that be mastering a piece of tech, just surviving the week or smashing your launch goals.

Join the Kaizen Revolution and be a part of the tribe, your tribe.

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